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Product Highlights

  • Handcrafted In India
  • Rich Artwork From Indian Marble Inlay Art
  • Semi-precious stones inlaid inside the marble
  • Used stones are Carnelian, Malachite, Mother of pearl
  • The number of stones embedded determines the value of the article.

Stone Used

  • Carnelian – Want to know more
  • Malachite – Want to know more
  • Mother of pearl – Want to know more
  • White Marble – Want to know more

Story Behind This Article

Indian Marble Inlay Art is a traditional craft that originated in the Mughal era and is still practiced today in India. It involves creating intricate designs using semi-precious stones and marble. The art form is known for its beautiful patterns, fine detailing, and use of vibrant colors.

The process of creating Indian Marble Inlay Art involves several steps. First, the artisan selects a piece of marble and sketches the design onto the surface. Next, small pieces of colored stones are cut into shapes and sizes that fit into the design. The stones are then polished and placed into the grooves on the marble, creating a beautiful and intricate mosaic.


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